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Types of Vectors

In this article we will learn about different different types of vectors with examples.

1. Zero or Null Vector

A vector whose initial and terminal points coincide, is called a zero vector.

It is also known as null vectors and denoted by O or $ \vec{0} $.

Zero vector can not be assigned definite direction because it has zero magnitude.

The vectors other than zero vector are proper vectors or non zero vectors.

Vectors $ \vec{A A}, \vec{B B} $ are the examples of zero vector.

2. Unit Vector

A vector whose magnitude is one is called unit vector.

A unit vector in the direction of a given vector $ \vec{a} $ is denoted as $ \hat{a} $ which reads "a hat".

3. Co-initial Vector

Two or more vectors having the same initial point are called coinitial vectors.

4. Collinear Vector

Two or more vectors are said to be collinear if they are parallel to the same line, irrespective of their magnitudes and directions.

5. Coplanar Vector

Coplanar Vectors

The vectors which lies in the same plane are called coplanar vectors.

6. Concurrent Vectors

concurrent vectors

The vectors which pass through the common point are called concurrent vectors.

7. Equal Vector

Two vectors are said to be equal, if they have the same magnitude and direction regardless of the positions of their initial points.

And written as $ \vec{a}=\vec{b} $

8. Negative of a Vector

Negative of vector

A vector which has the same magnitude as the vector a but opposite in direction to vector a is called the negative to the vector a .

And written as $ -\vec{a}$ .

9. Position Vector

If vector OA is used to specify the position of a point A relative to another point O. This OA is called the position vector of A .

And O is called the origin.

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